Remote Control Consolidation


It seems these days even the most basic audio video systems require multiple remote controls. You don’t have to be stuck with the remote control that your cable or dish company provided for you during installation and you don’t need to have multiple remote controls covering your coffee table just to watch a movie.  These basic remote controls do not provide adequate control over your audio receiver, DVD player or even your TV.  

Sterling Home Theater can recommend and provide you with a remote control that meets your needs as well as program it to control everything with just a single push of a button.  Best of all, we will show you how to use it and make sure you understand all of your new remote controls features. For the more advanced users, we can show you how to also customize your remote.

Do you already have a universal remote control and can’t seem to get it to work properly?   Sterling Home Theater can configure it for you, enabling all of your devices to work together seamlessly.

Our installation professionals will:

Program universal remote control to control all of your devices and set up activities such as “Watch TV, “Watch DVD” or “Listen to radio”

Test the remote to ensure all devices are working properly

Demonstrate your new remotes features and train you how to properly use the remote

Sterling Home Theater will recommend the best remote control for your needs.


Contact us today for more information or to receive a FREE estimate.

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